Second-hand clothes wholesale

Second-hand clothing wholesaler in Kaunas!

Popular second-hand clothes business is not less popular in Lithuanian market as well. Our JSC "Lencas" company is located in Kaunas district and develops this business for 20 years.

Professional "second hand" market experts

If you are looking for a reliable partner in your second-hand clothing business we are sure that you are in the right place and at the right time.

We can help for you:

  • We will provide the professional consultation about “second-hand“ business peculiarities.
  • We will be open when we will talk about prices.
  • We will try to find the optimal variant of your clothes trading business.
  • We will take care of the newest "second hand" clothes suggestions.



Qualitative clothing sorting

We are open to our customers. Therefore, we try to prepare the best offers for different seasons. Clothes are sorted by hand and selected of pour quality and lost their appearance second-hand clothes, shoes, bedding. Sorted clothes are packed in a more practical and better-quality packaging.

You always can come to us and to make sure that we provide high-quality clothes. Our address: Sausinės g. 2, Sausinės k., Užliedžių sen., Kauno r. sav., LT-54312 Lithuania

"Second Hand" clothing market news

We follow world's "second hand" market trends. Therefore, we are offering the newest collections of the clothing to You.
We invite you to subscribe and follow JSC Lencas news in the our web site or Facebook account.

The best second-hand clothing prices bids

JSC Lencas can become your business partner, because we offers high-quality "second hand" clothes for the best wholesale price.



New clothes

LIDL mix - stock

LIDL mix - LIDL clothing mix. Lidl will reveal how easy it is to follow the fashion, still to...

QUIKSILVER summer mix - stock

QUIKSILVER summer mix - mix of summer clothing. QUIKSILVER for those who value style and comfort....

CALZEDONIA swimwear mix - stock

CALZEDONIA swimwear mix - women's swimwear mix. Introducing Italian brands CALZEDONIA, TENEZIS and...
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Second Hand Clothes:

LADIES XXL UK - second hand

LADIES XXL UK - women's large sizes clothing mix. Introducing the large size clothing for women....

SWIMWEAR ENGLAND - second hand

SWIMWEAR ENGLAND - bathing suits and swimming trunks mix. A wide selection of swimwear for women...


SHORTS Men CREAM - high quality men's shorts mix. For each of us a sense when in summer pants stick...
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